In the unique desert of Southern Nevada, the Valley View Golf Club was organized by 15 individuals in February 1958. Valley View was initially organized as a means for predominantly Black golfers to unite and fellowship in meaningful golfing competition, especially since certain doors in our community were not yet open to individuals of color.

Established 1958

The members of Valley View Golf Club soon began to introduce and promote golfing to minority youth in the Southern Nevada Community. Our club has recognized the following individuals as a partial list of the Valley View Golf Club FOUNDERS: Felbert Cobbs, Uvalde Caperton, Johnus Geran, Jimmy Bell, Sr., Dr. Garnet Ice, Henry Moore, Willie Hughes, Jim Robertson, R.J. Robinson, Marshall Brunch, A.T. McCoy, and Jimmy Gay. The first President of Valley View was Mr. Felbert Cobbs. Our Founders had the incredible foresight to promptly affiliate with the Western States Golf Association (WSGA) during the latter part of 1958. We've also determined that the following individuals were some of the early key members/contributors of Valley View Golf Club: Willie Brewster, Eldridge Clark, Don Hill, Herbert Mills, Richard McClendon, Robert McKinney, Dr. James McMillan, Woodrow Wilson, Dorothy Mills, Helen Crozier, Alvin Wilburn, Bobby McKinnon, Murl Richard, Calvin Shields, Eugene Fiemster, George Simmons, Roy White, Roy Anderson, Lorenzo Calhoun, R.J. Flowers, Dorothy (Collins) Smith, Ronald Ward, Ray Christiansen, John Dunn, Andy Bruno, James Whitley, James "Smitty" Smith, Louis Redden, Ed McKinney, Hickey Crozier, Donald Collins, Harold McDonald, Lee Daniels, and Johnny Griffin. It is interesting to note that several of Valley View Founders and early members were leaders in the struggle to break the chains of discrimination in our community. There was a realization from our Founders and early members that people of color must build coalitions in order to mobilize power to shape the forces that control their lives and destiny. They sincerely believed there was no limit to the good that they could accomplish collectively.

The 1st Annual Golf Invitational Tournament for Valley View Golf Club was held on Thanksgiving Day in 1958 at the Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course. As a member of the WSGA, Valley View Golf Club had a base of participants that ensured a successful 1st Annual Tournament. Over the years, Valley View Golf Club has continued to enjoy successful sanctioned tournaments. And, our members have always given back to our community. In some of our previous years, Valley View Golf Club's Annual Invitational Tournament has provided financial support/donations to organizations such as the United Negro College Fund, Boys and Girls Club, Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Shoes for Kids, Angel Tree, Senior Citizen projects/programs, and Valley View's Junior Golf Program. Our Club has also given special tributes to notable individuals such as: The Mills Brothers; Pro Golfer Charlie Sifford; Musical Legend Joe Williams; James Roberts; Dr. Garnet Ice; Dr. James McMillan; Judge Robert E. Mullen. And, Ms. Trudie Rainey, a former Tournament Chairperson of Valley View has been awarded a special Achievement Award from the WSGA for her outstanding efforts. Our 50th Annual Golf Invitation Tournament was to be held on August 30-31, 2008 at the Silverstone Golf Course. Obviously, many more doors have opened but there is still an ongoing challenge to ensure equitable opportunities for everyone, regardless of their differences.


Throughout the years, Valley View Golf Club has continually encouraged its membership to participate in its own sanctioned tournament, along with the sanctioned tournaments of other WSGA golf clubs at other cities. Whether it is a championship flight member or an C flight member, it seems that Valley View's Cream of the Crop has always risen to the top of the scoring sheets. It is widely known that our members have always been groomed for competition. But more importantly, we have always groomed our members to demonstrate brotherhood/sisterhood toward others and to be respectful. Without question, our members enjoy extended families and lifelong friends throughout the United States, as a result of our golfing opportunities. Valley View members, like other WSGA members, have continually enjoyed the use of the USGA uniform handicapping system. We have also striven to convey the rules of golf and proper etiquette at the golf course.

Jr. Golf

For many years, Valley View Golf Club has maintained a top notch Junior Golf Program. Our Junior Golf Instructors have not only taught golf to youth in our community, but they have been mentors who helped youth to navigate through the challenges of life. In other words, our Junior Golf Program primarily focuses on developing the golf skills and leadership skills of minority youth in Southern Nevada.